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Our premises are tucked away in leafy Hampstead , which is where you will find our purpose built dog grooming cabin. It is designed solely for the comfort and enjoyment of your dog , whilst he is being groomed.

We only work by an appointment system , as this allows your dog to be treated individually without the possible stress of having other dogs present. This also makes the most efficient use of time for both parties.

We have a landscaped garden , which allows you to exercise your dog before or after the grooming session .We have our own dogs , so it is proven to be an ideal and safe area, in an ideal atmosphere. This makes our Parlour the best possible total experience for your dog and you. You are both equally important to us.

In 2011 I started my own dog grooming training at Absolutely Animals , being tutored by two of the most recognised names in the business , Colin Taylor , and Heidi Anderton . I then completed my City and Guilds course with distinction .



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Our Dog Grooming Cabin and Garden

Meet Gary

Our professional team provide exceptional grooming service.

V.I.P. Service

We take pride in giving you and your pet personalized attention.

We Love Every Pet

We love every pet, so your pet feel relaxed and stress free.

Our Services

Full Grooming

Your pet is in good hands with us! Let your favorite get the best care in our center.


Our team of pet hair stylists is happy to make your animal look pretty and happy.

Bath & Dry

We use a big range of shampoos for all different coat types and breeds.

Medical Bath

Bathing in our vet bath, using an appropriate shampoo that is kind to pet’s skin.

Our Shop

Gia Stevens

Pets Grooming offer an amazing service and I will be sending my dog there again no questions asked. I trust this team and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Five star grooming and service!

John Murphy

I’ve tried many groomers before Pets Grooming. Really friendly staff, great price and above all one happy and well groomed dog. You do a wonderful job and you are the best.

Dana Hubbard

You are absolutely amazing! We are happy we found someone that can groom our pets the right way and the way we want they to be groomed. Thanks so much to you guys.

Dana Hubbard